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Friday, 22 July 2016

The Defenders and Netflix: I Would LIKE To Save You Money....

...but there are too many dumb-asses out there who will not listen.

Below: The comic book DEFENDERS!

You all went crazy buying over the top criminal prices to dealers for the "next movie" character comics -The Sub-Mariner.  I told you and quoted sources that there was NO Sub-Mariner movie. You still got conned.

Below the Netflix-Marvel Defenders

Netflix is producing The Defenders which, like Guardians of the Galaxy has nothing to do with the Bronze Age Marvel Comics series.

Don't get robbed by dealers. The Netflix series is NOTHING to do with the old comics.


  1. To be honest if folk only want to pick up comics because there is a TV show then hell mend them if they pay high prices to me they are as much part of the problem as greedy dealers. However for comic fans yeah its a pain but in this case your warning will hopefully mean they will wait till the show airs and they see its not the same group and prices will drop again. But thanks for the warning I love the Defenders (early first 20 issues only) and pick them up when I see them (early issues only) My local comic back issue shop has lots of Defenders vol 2 onward in 50p bins and I managed to get Defenders vol 1 issue 7 for £1 last month will be interesting to see how the prices go once this is out there - saying that the film/tv series looks interesting to me.

  2. Sadly, Scotty, its not the comic fans it's the idiots who bought Avengers issues at OTT prices, Guardians of the Galaxy (followed by internet rages of "This has nothing to do with the movie!!" and it goes on. I was hoping the idiotic craze of "investment buying" comics was over -certainly shops appear to be finding it hard to get rid of newer comics but...This is the age of the moron. I did think I had Defenders vol. 1 from #1 right up to the lasty issue BUT it appears issues 1-10 were stolen during The Great Borrowing! Ahh, great comic days.