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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Comic, Action Figure, Comic Related Merchandise Companies: YOUR Audience Is Here

DVDs, Action Figures, Comics, Graphic Novels -with these viewing stats -get your stuff reviewed here!

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It's quite simple. Advertising agencies will tell companies that whatever they sell, if a possible advertising source gets thousands of hits per day, their customers are there.

A current advertising on local radio is emphasising this: "If we are talking to YOU then we are also talking to your customers.  Thousands a day listen and that means thousands a day will hear YOUR message."

Why is it that a popular TV programme seems to get far more advertising time? Because companies know that the larger audience for that programme will get their product seen more.

Look at it this way, on Comic Bits Online alone there are over 2,000 page views per day.  Some times the connected Google+ page gets in excess of that.  Here is how to look at it.  I moved CBO over from the old WordPress site in 2012, before that it was an emergency back-up site with about 80 views. Since that time, in five years, it has attracted 2, 344, 215 views.  

The associated Google+ account has been going for around 3 years and has attracted  2,947,769 views.

That is a combined total number of 5, 291, 954 views.  As noted before in the past, you can add another 2 millions to that if we counted the number of news feeds, items from here re-posted to other sites around the world.

Links to posts are also sent to Twitter, Pinterest, Face Book and other social media.  Why do Titan Books or Cinebook the 9th Art along with others send books here to be reviewed?  Those companies do not quote reviews or give links to CBO for no reason.

"Views are not sales!"  Well, true, but where else can you get your merchandise reviewed and seen by that number of people? Sure, you could pay to have an advert in one of the side boxes (see the Clallam Bay and Chang3lings items?) but most companies don't want to pay for adverts even on high traffic sites.  I know because I've tried getting paying advertisers.

So, is your product -action figures, comic or other merchandise- good enough to be reviewed and be seen by a few thousand people a day -and even old posts attract lots of views?

And CBOs audience is GLOBAL -take a look at the previous posts!

If you can't see the sense in getting your stuff reviewed here then good luck!

If you are interested then you can contact me at the usual email:  2, 947, 769


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