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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Hello, Bristol Calling!

Most things these days, blog-wise, are going on over at the Black Tower Comics blog.  As I think I've made perfectly clear over the last year CBO does not make me money and I get no book sales through posting here (yet other people report sales increases after a review here -??).

Writing and posting to CBO is almost a full time business.  Now, if I sell books I can justify spending that time by say "See? I sell my books via CBO!" But I don't.

I've supported many publishers over CBOs 18 years history. No, CBO hasn't been on Blogger that long.  Originally CBO was on My Space, then Yahoo 360 then FreeServers and eventually on WordPress (and let us NOT go into why I had to dump the years of WordPress work to come over to the Blogger emergency back up blog in 2011. Back then this blog had 80 views in total. Within a year a million. Now...well, you can see for yourself.

Anyway, where was I...? Right. I've supported many publishers from when they started and the struggle was there to get even a mention on the net. I jumped in. Promoted, pushed and did everything possible.  Then they go on and become successful. So I say,"Look, could you at least consider a paying advert on CBO because right now I could use that support?"  And ad rates ARE low.  The response, remembering how desperate they were at the outset, is a simple "We don't budget for internet advertising".

That's it. No "Sorry, but we can't help you out" followed by the usual. Just straight out "We do not need you any more. You served your purpose".

I tried from 2007-2014 to get paying ads.  Then giving up is the best option.

I even thought about asking those comic creators who were, again, desperate to get publicity and have their work promoted. "Could you please just add a link to CBO on your blog?" them: "Well, I can't really endorse blogs because then others might ask....."

I've covered this before.

My income is my books. I can't sell then I don't eat. Can't pay bills.

Now, knowing that, if you were me would you continue and keep pushing other companies and books from people who do not even say "thank you" after or would you concentrate on your own business?

That is what I am doing.  Concentrating on my own business.

Anything I get I will review or post but in my own time.

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