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Friday, 8 July 2016

The Question: After The EU Referendum What Happens To Cinebook The 9th Art?

I have been asked a few times about Cinebook The 9th Art and its future following the EU Referendum and the "Leave" vote.

Firstly, the UK does not govern by referendums -think of the mess the EU one made -the country would be a Third World state if it depended on public referendums on everything.  Referendums are a way to show what the voters think or want.  It does NOT mean that we have left the EU.  I've been joining others in doing everything we can to overturn that idea.  Which politician wants to go down in history as the one who left the EU and take the blame for all that follows?  Well, clearly a moron.  We in the UK, who helped create it and run it, have NOT left NATO either.

Cinebook does not do politics so you'll hear nothing from them in a press release.  However, I've spoken to them and at the moment it is "wait and see".  Even if there was a withdraw from the EU it would not be felt by companies such as Cinebook for a couple years. It is the UKs largest graphics (comic album) publisher and it brings money into the economy which would be lost.

Hopefully, sense will prevail and we will get back to continued work with our EU partners.

The real effect being felt is by EU supporters in the UK who are seeing and hearing all the German and French anti-British rhetoric and wondering what the hell is going on?  We are doing our best but we would like to at least hear that our efforts are supported by our EU friends as a moral booster because right now we need it.

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