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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Cinebook The 9th Art: The Marquis of Anaon 4 - The Beast

Authors: Vehlmann & Bonhomme
Age: 12 years and up
Size: 21.7 x 28.7 cm
Number of pages: 52 colour pages
Publication: July 2016

ISBN: 9781849182782
£7.99 inc VAT
Available around 29th July
Reviews of previous volumes:
Isère, on the marches of France. A regiment of dragoons enters a seemingly deserted village to find several badly mangled bodies and evidence of an attack by a wild animal. Survivors speak of a massive beast with almost human eyes, of a werewolf... The thing’s trail leads over the border with the Duchy of Savoy, and the commander of the dragoons takes a small detachment, in civilian clothes, after it. With them is his cousin: Jean-Baptiste Poulain…
I can see elements of The Beast of Gevaudan in this!  (You have read Some Things Strange & Sinister, haven't you?)  In a way I am glad this preview has no interior pages because that might spoil things. The action picks up slowly and believe me, if while reading a comic album I say "F***!" out loud it is GOOD.
In fact, going over my previous reviews of volumes 1-3 I realised that this series always catches me by surprise.  I was rather "luke warm" with the first volume, which I like "but-" and from there on it has led to this.
As a matter of fact, to be really honest, I did swear again when I got to page 43 -after that came the "F***!" pages. 
The writing and pacing are just superb and the art I can't fault and colours by "Delf" -all three combine to make a book that really deserves far more praise and recognition.
BUY this or sit there knowing you MISSED OUT!!!

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