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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I Do So Wish People Would Push This Idea....

"What idea?"  you ask.

Well, I've had people say this in the past and I've even read it on comic blogs.  To me it is very embarrassing because it wreaks of egotism but I am told that I should be pushing this "It will help your business".

It seems that I am legend.  "You're a local legend, mate!" and so on and so forth. I'm quite sure that I must go a nice shade of red when that is said. People in European comics know me (obviously) and I get official invites -can I now state I have NEVER had any sort of comic event invite from Germany: come on fellas!

Yes, my name is on university and publishing data bases and on Lambiek -but on none in the UK where the "little boys club" make sure any Wikipedia entry on me is deleted asap and comments of a positive nature about me are deleted by moderators who are either under the bullies yolk or enjoy taking part.  So the UK I never expect anything from.

But it can get very embarrassing. At a meeting relating to wild life while I was running the Exotic Animals Register and a UK police forces consultant, everything went fine. We went over maps and findings and then, after the meeting, a university professor looked at me: "One of my students asked if you were the Terry Hooper from Black Tower comics -apparently you're legendary!" Now I always tried to keep comics and wildlife work separate so to suddenly bring up comics put me off my guard.  However, a police officer from Dyfed Powys Police then turned around and said "Oh yes. My Glynis has some of his old zines from when she was in college!"  Apparently, this gave me a lot of "cred".

I also found out by following a link to a page that had one of my book covers on it that a few people in the US thought highly of me.

Now, were I into ego boosting this would have set me up for the year.  However, I would sooner people say "He's a complete ass but great books -you ought to buy some!"  Seriously -ego does not pay the bills or put food on the table but book buying does.  The one reason I have only ever done five radio interviews and four (?) interviews in decades is because I hate doing them. I'd sooner say "Go to Comics FX and read what they wrote about me in 1990!" or "Check out what Amazing Heroes wrote about me in 1989" or blah blah blah. Because those US publications also talked about my comics not all about me.

Frank Barrell pestered and got his way and I put the old Phil Latter interview with me and the QRD interview over on what was the defunct Comic Zone blog.  Anyone ever asks any questions I'll deflect them there!

But, please, call me a lot of dirty names but -look at that poor humble face- buy the books!

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