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Saturday, 1 October 2016

In A Wild Haze I Have Ideas

Last night was not a "good" night.  Back, arm and leg pain was bad.  However, I actually read through my D-Gruppe work. It's something I never do because if it is my work I run luke warm to cold when I look at it.

But I think that the main problem is that I try to live up to the very first published D-Gruppe story Revenge of the Ice Queen but never succeed. I think that Subzero over at Tales From The Kryptonian hit the nail on the head:

"I have to say, the first issue contains some of the best art I´ve seen so far from the BLACK TOWER books. While on THE BAT RIUMPHANT the art by Terry Hooper was more reminiscent of the 1940 pulp comic due to the nature of the comic ( a superhero created around that time ) in the lead story it looks more like 80s John Byrne on UNCANNY X - MEN at the height of his fame. Which in great part has to be accredited to the inks by Ben Dilworth and comparing him to John Byrne would really be selling him short. There are clear traces of Byrne and also a bit of Barry Windsor Smith there but at the same time he has his unique look that is much more realistic than comic book looking. "

He ain't kidding. Ben Dilworth was one of the best artists the UK produced and he has not lost that touch.  I throw my hands up and admit it without anyone asking: D-Gruppe just has not been the same without Dilworth inking. So to an extent -it's his fault!

Having spoken to a couple of veteran comickers who were looking around the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair today (I'm going to try to avoid mentioning it because, although I met up with some people, a lot of those in the room were just "poo") I seriously considered closing the Black Tower Online store and leave that behind me to concentrate on projects such as D-Gruppe.

You see, one after another small Independent publishers are vanishing.  Going out of business because no one will buy their books and we are talking about some very good books.  Well, everyone knows that attitude has already seen to it that CBO has a "switch off" date and then this will be just a Black Tower blog.  All of the "Yes we support Independent comics!" and people preaching about "We need to buy more Independent comics and support publishers!" is all hot air.  Those preachy souls are not buying the comics themselves!

And thousands of people will see YOUR comic reviewed on CBO each day.  You don't want your comics reviewed?  Or why go to someone who has been reviewing Small Press and comics for near 40 years now -go to a newer, ruder person who'll insult your work because they have no idea how to write, draw or publish a book themselves.

When CBO stops that is it.  I really expect to finally hear from people with the usual "WHY did you close CBO? " and "But we need CBO!" -the same comments after I cancelled Zine Zone International and Comic Bits the magazine.  No one bothered with feed-back or review books after 1999 so what was the point? Bleat bleat bleat. Too late.  Tough.

I've gone that point of caring and D-Gruppe would be an interesting project to leap into with no internet distractions.

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