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Thursday, 6 October 2016

There ARE Going To Be Cheers

I have tried to make points and I have tried to explain how the thousands visiting CBO could help by Google+ CBO. Making even the briefest comment on Black Towers Face Book page and so on.  Things that only required a mouse click.

That was, it seems, far too difficult for several thousand people.  Eight managed it.

I have pushed Black Tower books and why thousands of you read those posts I have no idea since no one orders.

The crunch point came and went and just when support was needed you all showed (apart from 8) just how little you care or support CBO or Black Tower.

Apart from reviews that I am obligated to post under the "any book arriving gets reviewed" policy, the only thing you will be seeing here is Black Tower promo material.  That's it.

I tried and tried but total apathy of alleged comic 'fans' finally gave the fatal boot stamp. 

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