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Monday, 1 May 2017

MY UK "Avengers" Choices

Excluding Marvel and DC -remember that. With me it would need to be a core team with others popping in and out but....




blah blah blah

Robot Archie

Leopard from Lime Street

Billy The Cat


The Phantom Viking

Gadget Man

Wonder girl   from Thomson Mandy comic 1968. Not to be confused with their character Supergirl from Judy in 1983

MACH Zero (if you cannot guess why....why are you here???)

Spring Heeled Jack  (Penny Dreadful version)

Mr Bat

My trouble is that I could pull in so many characters without using my own but I think most angles are covered here!


  1. My choices come from different eras. What the hell. A little Capn America ice free w'd solve it ? Time Bump ? TARDIS?
    Whatever. MAGIC Spellbinder STRENGTH Cast Iron Chris MONEY/TECH Kopfmann ( with beard ) NINJA ASSASSIN FACTOR Billy and Katie Cat GRATUITOUS CLEAVAGE ...umm ... Subzero ?

  2. Never choose a Ninja. They've been after me for 37 years ever since that "sacred" idol unfortunateness....which aint even English.

  3. Good ! Comment got through. What did you think of ROAR ? Shall I do a bit more ? 4 issues ? Bristol Comic - if you can - sell them. Dark Hope etc. too. Good luck.