Saturday, 25 August 2018

How Can You Go On?


I just spent two-and-a-half months pushing and promoting my books -comics and prose.  Working 18-20 hours a day (don't worry I really paid for it physically).

I up-dated books. adding new material. Dropping some prices.

Posting daily to the three blogs -AOP, Black Tower and CBO as well as Face Book page. Google+, Twitter and gods know where else.

That is thousands of views from all around the world and I'm not kidding -I've looked at this before on CBO- including "the" comics country, the United States.


Not one single comment.

Not one single sale

I was going to write something...really you do not care.  You come here for what you want then leave. Sorry but you are the one killing independent comics and the comics industry.

Go watch your SJW/anti-SJW videos and then read your Big 5 comics.  Nothing here for you

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