Tuesday, 7 August 2018

I just posted this on the Black Tower blog.

I just posted this on the Black Tower blog. I'll just quote a comment here.  The fellow that made it quit comic publishing last year after a very long time.  He read my post yesterday and wrote:

"If youre(sic) relying on comic fans supporting your blogs forget it. Theyd sooner sit back and do nothing as your blogs vanish.  They'll just move on to whatever mindless ***** pap is out there!"

I tried to respond more positively but...very hard to argue. I like to think my faith in fans might win through but after 20+ years of CBO online I may be fooling myself thinking something "might happen"!

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  1. I don't recall the creator that noted this remark from a comic's fan, for it must have been well over three decades ago. I had probably read it in an interview, possibly with Will Eisner. It ran along these lines. This 'fan' bought many, many titles a week. So many that it drew attention, especially how much reading time to get through such a haul. "Oh, I don't read the whole comic, I just look at the top two panels on each page. That's how I get through so many"...... Right! Does it make you wonder why we had put the effort in? Surely, this isn't the norm? But, I also remember Daniel Dennett's 'surely' warning. Look for 'surely' in an argument. It's a good point to find the weak point of an argument. By the way; for politicians, look for "the fact of the matter is . . ". OK; so, extrapolate, from that fan, around another thirty years of intellectual degradation and really hope he didn't have a bicycle! Enough said.