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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

BritComics Creator Photo Album Up-dated

New photo additions to the UK Comic Creators Photo Album at the Britcomics Yahoo Group (titled the Good and the Great) and contains many people whose guts I hate. Two (at least) I had to be pulled away from before I could get my hands on. But this is unprejudiced comic historian Terry.
Warren Ellis
Grant Morrison
Mark Millar
Steve Yeowell
Steve McManus
Pat Mills
Tommy Ross (Underground Comix)
Richard Anthony Pester
Paul Ashley Brown
Ronald 'Carl' Giles -cartoonist
Jon Haward (bless him)
John A. Short
Alan Grant

And others. Sadly none of artist Gabby Noble as none could be found and the site does not include drawn profile pics for obvious reasons.

 Yahoo Groups BritComics like the Brit Comics Archive is designed to be an online historical comics resource with covers, art and much more.

Although you can be anonymous on the group NO ANONYMOUS members are accepted.  As Group Owner I need to know who you are.  The group has an ABSOLUTE ZERO TOLERANCE regarding abuse toward members and spammers/flamers. 

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