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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Stan Lee Up-date

As soon as I saw the video from Stan Lee I had to post it. Lee is obviously shocked but angry about all the allegations and justly so.

I watched one video on You Tube two days ago with a heading "Stan Lee is being abused and needs help" in this the person analysed things out of context to emphasise deep concern. Bull-shit. The rumour-mill seems to have started after Lee lost his wife in 2017 -they had been together since 1947. Just how utterly moronic do people in comics (alleged 'fans') have to be to not understand that such a loss is a massive blow?

No, just "He seemed very untalkative and huddled over what he was signing".  Really, a month or so after his wife died he was at an event and he wasn't up smiling and dancing?

I've already seen someone post about Lee being "seriously ill with macual degeneration" -again, just how stupid are these people?  "Age related" Macular degeneration is a medical condition which may result in blurred or no vision in the center of the visual field and is due to damage to the macula of the retina. It's a problem you have to live with and huddling over something you need to sign might look odd to some...particularly the idiots who know nothing about Lee and seem to not realise he always wore glasses and now with a heavy tint.

We have the morons and their anti-SJW bull-shit who accuse "Marvel SJWs" of forcing Lee to do things....and we all know the SJWs are behind everything bad...including their opponents.

Stan Lee finds it almost unbelievable what is being said -the famous wordsmith is lost for words. He is 95 years old for goodness sake: he comes from a time when, yes, comics were a business, but creators (most of them) treated fans with respect and vice versa. 

People enjoyed what they read -comics were a form of cheap entertainment but we grew up loving them and some of us went on to work in comics, inspired by Lee, Kirby, Heck, Ditko, Colan and others.  It was a rare pleasure to meet and say "Hello" to a creator. I see video after video of alleged comic 'fans' bitching that this or that creator didn't sign a cover where they wanted them to. Or "That signature is barely legible!" or my favourite "The guy said he'd sign the cover but it didn't contain any of his work -he stopped working on it years before the issue I handed him".  ahem (Ebayer)

The internet and Trash TV has created a world where if you do not know something why find out -make something up and the nastier the better.  "Stan Lee sexually assaults his care nurses" resulted not in "I can't believe that" but "Well, the guy is in his 90s so maybe a bit of senility there" and "How hard is it to move your leg out of reach of a 95 year old guy?"  Acceptance that Lee was guilty and no real comments from 'fans' after the truth came out that this was an attempted extortion.

Lee comes from a generation where you expected to treat people how they treated you.  He respected the fans and their opinions and now....

I talk to a lot of older people and if I notice how bad people have become in the last 30 years imagine what they have seen.  Society was never perfect but manners, respect were far more wide-spread. When Lee asks what type of people would say or spread these rumours the answer is simply a generation taught by examples on the internet and Trash TV to be rude, dishonest, disrespectful and do whatever you like. That is, of course, the people behind TV and misusing the internet since neither of the technologies are responsible for misuse -people are.

If you are one of those people who think it is great to stress out a guy in his 90s who has created, co-created characters and helped a medium that we all love (if you are a genuine fan) continue then you are as low as the scum who steal comics as downloads and are killing the industry.

Go away.

Inside Edition statement (13 hours ago)

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  1. It is unfortunate that you cannot automatically credit people with at least some degree of manners. Apparently it is not cool. OR, even worse, as with the standard of literacy, there are many whom have been brought up in an age where illiteracy and bad manners are so commonplace that it is now treated as the new normal. From the 'highest' to the 'low' - so to speak. Is it any wonder, when a profligacy of bad manners, short temper, derision and insult is beamed into all the media with an insane relish that so many now know no different and cannot get into a discussion without losing it? When the imagination fails, words are a good substitute. If both are absent, is what ensues any longer a surprise? Unfortunately we're seeing it.