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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Time To Take A Stand

The whole Social Justice Warrior and anti-SJW thing has died a death.  Its all fake attention getting by people who need to move on and leave comics.

Look at the anti-SJW 'stars' and "We got rid of greed, fear and injustice" dialogue in a comic is "So obviously anti-Trump".  And if a female character has short hair or side of her head shaved this is a feminist statement   by the "Left socialists".  Male characters with the same hair styles are not commented on.  We have two factions: idiots running comics and Idiots reading comics -these last idiots make some of the most sexist and offensive remarks (apparently because that is "Free Speech") and not only that they do not seem to be that intelligent either.

But here is another problem. Racism.  Now, I have made it very clear that "Racism" as a term is nonsense.  There is only one race on this planet -Humanity. You cannot be racist against your own species (well, that point can be argued) but you can practice hatred against a minority or peoples of a particular ethnic type. Some of these "anti SJWs" (who all proudly boast having voted for Trump in their videos) practice what we will term here -for convenience- racism.

A lot of people are not happy about monetization on You Tube. That includes a LOT of comic people.

Yesterday I was watching a live stream from a comic guy who was just talking comics and documentaries about Image Comics on You Tube and one of his pals, commenting,  referred to "Joo Tube". The comic guy -innocently- thought this was something akin to Vimeo or Daily Motion.

"Expat 2I also saw it on JooTube"

When the comic guy thought he meant another video service he explained:

"Expat 2No I call YouTube “JooTube” - nickname"

When his pal explained that it is what he calls You Tube, the comic guy, not wanting to upset his pal says: "Oh I get you.Okay" and moves on.

Now, this admittedly "liberal" comic guy who is a "right on" social worker just accepted and did not correct what is a racist slur.

According to the urban dictionary:
"Alternative and often but not always offensive, way of spelling "Jew", in the religious or racial sense."

It is, I found out by complete accident, a name being used a lot by You Tubers because of their taking offence at YT for trying to grab every penny they can get. You know, "like those money grabbing Jews" racist stereotypes. 

THIS is acceptible to people in comics?? No "Uh, can you explain that?" Just out there for all to read and damn me for watching the video because I could not allow this to happen without some explanation.

I posted this comment:

"I usually enjoy the videos and reading the comments. However, I notice the term "Joo Tube" was used a couple of times. According to the urban dictionary: "Alternative and often but not always offensive, way of spelling "Jew", in the religious or racial sense." A little checking and I found that this IS a derogatory term used by people who dislike YTs "money-grabbing" policies. Perhaps your friend could explain, if this is not why he uses it, why he calls YT "Joo Tube" ? If he is unaware of this terms racist connotations then perhaps its a term best not used especially when YT is keen to strike any channel for the slightest reason.

I am still waiting for a response to my comment on the usage of the term on this comic guys site. I am not naming him yet as this was someone else's comment and I want to see what action he takes. In the meantime a link to his channel has been removed from the CBO blog list. However, it seems that I am not the only one who noticed as two others have "Liked" my comment -though never mentioned any concerns before.

When we have just witnessed You Tube HQ involved in a shooting by an angry You Tube user and the morons are calling this "action for free speech" and Alex Jones's hate filled rants against Jews fill You Tube I think everyone needs to take anyone using the term "Joo Tube" to task and if the situation is not rectified then you report content to You Tube. If the person making the video resides in the UK there are "Hate Speech" laws here.

Whether it is a "White" person being "racist" to "Black" people or the other way around -ethnically offensive towards Chinese, Indians, Pakistani -whoever- try to rationally explain to the video maker why this is wrong and offensive. If they continue then report them to You Tube.

It seems that viewers watch and listen to this stuff as though it was entertainment -this is what modern media and the internet has made people: xenophobic and willing to blame any ethnic minority for whatever they can: "I crashed my car while I was watching that ---- piece of trash walking along like he owned the country!"

When it comes to comics this type of talk from "comic fans" and their pals is totally unacceptable. I don't give a damn if your skin is pale, dark or tinted any other damn colour: do you read comics? Do you enjoy comics? That is what I care about and what any real comic fan should care about -we are in the 21st century

Racist arschlochs cannot be allowed to ruin things and it is no good thinking "I don't want to cause any trouble" or "See if someone else complains" Racism has no place anywhere.

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