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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Reviews, images and chunks of text...

Normally I like to put links to previous reviews of the current title I am posting about. I looked for the Thorgal (Cinebook) reviews....none. I have reviewed 5- (now) 19 on this Blogger CBO but all are gone.

Blogger appears to lose images from posts, chunks of text and now a great many past reviews. Having built this site up to almost 4 million views since 2011 I really do not want to look for a new home for CBO but the temptation is there.

Reviews for Lucky Luke on CBO…only the reviews of 66 and 64 remain. How can I actually put my reaction to blogger removing all these reviews –I certainly did not- without hurling abuse at them.  Blogger does not respond to bloggers.

Not even when I get DCMA notices (The Defence Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is the agency of the United States federal government responsible for performing contract administration services for the Department of Defense and other authorized federal agencies) (copyright) strikes for reviewing Valeraian and Laureline and other books sent for review –oh, and actually daring to mention a character from Chinese mythology. Ask who or why and you are sent to a site that never shows the complaint.

Yes, Image Comics hit me with a DCMA strike after I reviewed books they had sent for review (because I did not gush over them in a look at US comics -but they came out of that very positively!).

Blogging and You Tubing -content is being removed and DCMA strikes handed out like candy at a dentist (investing in his/her future).

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