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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Kult Creations: Reverend Cross 5

Reverend Cross 5
Page Count: 24
Format: American comic sized.
Colour Cover/Black and white interiors
Cover Art: Gabrielle Noble

This is a one off full issue story titled Cold War that is written by –John A. Short, of course.  The art is provided by none other than the legendary Gabrielle Noble! You should check out here blog which has a lot of colour work -

Nutshell: Abby versus the two most famous monster in literary fiction… at the North Pole. Now we are talking Frankenstein’s monster (which we have established is a big favourite of mine) and Vlad Tepes –Vlad the Impaler or…Dracula.  Now copme on this is a monster team-up worth more than £2.99 and it celebrates 200th anniversary of the creation of Mary Shelley’s “Modern Prometheus”.

This was a great read and Noble really went to town on this. I cannot fault it.  However, apart from what you see here there is no promo art.  When I reviewed Casterman BD books I found that they were not showing the potential buyer/reader what was in the book.  They eventually saw my point of view. The lack of promotional art is of no use to a reviewer and that gives Kult Creations the first -3 ever given.

There is a promotional video but to be honest this is a comic and the potential buyer needs to know what they are getting.  I’ve used promo videos in the past but with back-up artwork.

That said, I like the way Noble depicts both the Monster and Dracula and you might think a fight in the frozen wastes would be bland. No. It was the one thing I suddenly realised when I got to the last page: each panel was quite “busy” and there was no copping out by just drawing figures on a white background. I love the look of Noble’s colour work (it is very eye-catching) but she is also top notch when it comes to black and white and grey tone art.

If you are a Frankenstein Monster fan –a Dracula fan and you enjoy the two clashing in a great fun adventure then this is a must buy. I actually got distracted while writing this and re-read the story for a third time!

Check out the link because as either a single issue or a 1-5 pack this is a title well worth checking out.

 Check out the promo video below! Click on the corner to see full screen

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