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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Kult Creations: Reverend Cross 4

Page Count: 24
Format: American comic sized.
Colour Cover/Black and white interiors
Cover Art: Anna Susanne
See the Kult creations site for ordering and special offers.

The cover first. Susanne has produced a lovely piece of art here.  I am old enough to remember the 1960s crime and horror paperbacks and their covers.  This brings back nostalgia!

The first story is drawn by Susanne and titled PREP. The script is by –shock! Horror!-John A. Short. According to Kult’s nutshell synopsis: A flashback to Abby's school days - with added ninjas!

First page I saw the grey tones –as I’ve already written that this can be a sign of covering up bad art or worse.  I was wrong.  I loved Susanne’s work though I have a big complaint –she only got 5 pages!!  To be honest I think someone needs to hire her because, despite the odd little (very little) quirk in art she deserves a break in comics and, hopefully, a career!

The next story is BABYLON with script by John A. Short & Art by none other than one of the UKs undiscovered talents Richard Pester.  He never even told me he was working on this!!
Nutshell: Abby in a strip club - with added succubi!

Oh come on –Short’s humour and Pester’s art style what more could you expect -check out MyExcess online store at Lulu

Vicar in a strip club for a cup tea….I refer everyone again to the archives of The News of the World. The puns come fast and loose and the last one had me laugh and cringe at the same time.  Excellent stuff.

Weapon Of Choice is up next in-a-nutshell: Flashback to Abby's college days - with added insect demon! Script by John A. Short & Art by the Glorious Gabrielle Noble –I’ve missed seeing her work!

This one sees Our Abby on an archaeological dig and how she got her most famous weapon –“Saint George”. Its good to see the creative pairing of Short and Noble who shone so brightly in their Savage Jungle Princess and in case you say “The what-?”

Noble also draws the fourth strip  Flight Risk which, in-a-nutshell, involves “Church One” –the Arch Bishop of Canterbury’s official plane  - attacked by gremlins! You saw the Harrison Ford movie Airforce One? Kiddy stuff. Fighting gremlins on an aircraft wing 2000 feet up is hard core!
Again, use of grey tones but properly used.  Short has managed to assemble a great team of artists here and yet again provided a fun read and not a sign of a reboot (unless it’s to a demon’s head) or multiple title cross over story.  This is what comics used to be like just good escapist fun and value for money because you can re-read several times.

For this one Short & Co. get a 10 out of 10!

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