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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Kult Creations: Reverend Cross No.3

Page Count: 24
Format: American comic sized.
Colour Cover/Black and white interiors
All the Cross books can be ordered online –there is even a #1-5 pack deal:

So that you get a complete picture of the series I'll add the links to previous reviews below.  I was sent issues 3, 4 and 5 together so am dealing with each on seperately to be fair to the work put in by the creative teams.

Cover Art: Anna Susanne –I was not too keen on the arm-veins look but that’s just me. In fact it is a lovely cover and quite eye-catching.
Creators: Script: John A. Short & Art: Jason Dennis. According to Kult’s “in a
Nutshell” synopsis: Abby versus a gang of terrorist demons on an airship over Tokyo.

The story is quite fun and I do not give spoilers so you’ll need to buy a copy but it is worth it.  This strip has a lovely use of solid blacks by Dennis but having written that I have to state that I do not like the whole Funko Pop head and big eyes. It turns me off completely –the big eye thing is why I shy away from a lot of Manga.  That, again, is a personal dislike that I have to ignore and look at the art overall. If Dennis can get heads to a more human proportion then he would be heading in the right direction.

Creators: Script: John A. Short & Art: Atlantisvampir

Kult’s “in a Nutshell” synopsis: Attacked by a hoard of killer gnomes, Abby is only armed with garden implements!

I loved the art style and the concept –I did something very similar with Rev. Merriwether way back. I loved this. It was action and fun and well drawn.  That’s the best recommendation you’ll get from me!

Story 3: WILD LIFE
Creators: Script: John A. Short & Art: Andrew Richmond
Kult’s “in a Nutshell” synopsis: Flashback to Abby's first encounter with the supernatural as a girl guide, against a were-badger!

Now if you are a horror movie fan –especially 1980s horror movies- then you’ll be thinking “Girl scouts…horror…lots of naked flesh and….” And at that point you pass out.  None of that stuff here. If you ever wondered how Cross got to be the vicar that she is you’ll learn how here.

I liked Richmond’s art as it reminded me of the sort of strips you used to see in the 1970s and 1980s in Super Adventure Stories or Killing Strokes. No complaints from me, though as a naturalist I advise leaving were-badgers alone.

Creators: Script: John A. Short & Art: Grant Springford
Kult’s “in a Nutshell” synopsis : A Devil-worshipping bishop summons a demonic monster to kill Abby.

Devil-worshipping Bishops….well, I used to read both the News of the World and Denis Wheatley so know all about them. Initially, I thought the art was too grey. It can be a problem if you use a computer to put together a comic strip. Easiest thing to do was for me to put the comic down then read it again an hour later. The grey tones do work so no real worries there. Springford’s art was pleasing enough and there was a slight touch of the “Carry Ons” in the dialogue.

Now the writing. Oh yes, the writing. John Short is not going for deep philosophical stories that make you rethink about the Church of England and its place in the 21st century. Uh…I don’t think so anyway.  What he writes and presents are good fun comics that you can read a few times –what comics should be since they were originally intended as a form of cheap escapism. These comics should be on sale in comic shops but Diamond won’t handle the distribution (we all know why) so they are not.

The paper used is of a good quality and definitely not going to be as easy to tear as the pages of a DC or Marvel comic. Overall it is a very good package and if any comic shop owners are interested get in touch with Short!

I’d write 10 out of 10 but those large heads in the first strip -9 out of 10 (which when it comes to my awarding points is high!)

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