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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Cinebook the 9th Art: Lucky Luke 67 -Belle Starr

Authors: Xavier Fauche; illustrated by Morris
Age: 8 years and up
Size: 21.7 x 28.7 cm
Number of pages: 48 colour pages
Publication: February 2018
ISBN: 9781849183888
Price: £6.99 inc. VAT

Arriving at the town of Fort Smith with a prisoner, Lucky Luke is surprised to find a place in turmoil and a thoroughly annoyed sheriff. Belle Starr, a rich ranch owner, keeps posting bail for every bandit arrested in town, with the complicity of a corrupt judge, before recruiting them in her own gang and carrying out various attacks and robberies. Unfortunately, she is also such a pillar of the community that no one believes she could possibly be guilty...

I never saw Lucky Luke volumes 1-5 from Cinebook but each and every volume after that I have read and reviewed –that’s 62 reviews.  Some were on the old WordPress CBO but the majority here.

I just discovered only two of those reviews still exist.

Just give a big sigh and get on with it.

Morris’ artwork looks cleaner and crisper than ever and the colour work by Studio Leonardo adds to it. We are, after all, up to the 1995 book and I still hope to see –one day- the very original Lucky Luke strip work.

This story revolves around the real life character Belle Starr and Fauche maintains the gags and a good story.  I like that there is a back-up pages featuring brief bios and photographs of the actual real people featured in this volume. Not people I’d like to ask over for dinner!

I keep saying this but 67 volumes of Lucky Luke in English is something I thought I would never see…but I said similar about alien spacecraft landing in my garden and look what happened! (You did see the news items?).

My shelf is honestly creaking under the strain of Lucky Luke –yours could be, too!

See all the Lucky Luke books and remember that you can order them direct from Cinebook itself: 

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