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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Cinebook The 9th Art: The Last Templar volumes 5 & 6

Note to readers:

The first volume appeared back in July 2016 and you can find my review here:

Volume 3 appeared in December of the same year but, again, blogger has lost the text of my actual review:

Volume 4 was, again, back in June 2017 and I am annoyed as I wrorte a long review….guess what happened?

I do not mention volume 2 as I never saw it.  I have seem the movie based on this series and my opinion is not to bother.

So, nine months later we have volumes 5 and 6 –ending the series.

The Last Templar 5 - The Devil's Handiwork

Authors: Raymond Khoury & Bruno Rocco
Age: 12 years and up
Size: 21.7 x 28.7 cm
Number of pages: 48 colour pages
Publication: January 2018
ISBN: 9781849183277
Price: £6.99 inc. VAT

1203. Constantinople is besieged ... by the Christians of the 4th Crusade! Under cover of night, a small group of knights flees the doomed city. They’re taking three mysterious chests to Antioch – but never reach their destination. Nowadays, in Rome, Agent Reilly has come with a Professor Sharafi to request access to the Vatican’s archives. But once inside, he reveals that the document they’re here to consult is one that the Church doesn’t want anyone to see...

The Last Templar 6 - The One-armed Knight

Authors: Raymond Khoury & Bruno Rocco
Age: 12 years and up
Size: 21.7 x 28.7 cm
Number of pages: 72 colour pages
Publication: April 2018
ISBN: 9781849183932
Price: £8.99 inc. VAT
This product is expected in stock on Thursday 12 April, 2018.

Reilly has tracked down the fake Professor Sharafi to Turkey. But the man is crafty, and not only does he manage to escape, he also recaptures Tess along the way. A chase begins across the hills of Cappadocia, with the FBI agent hunting down his enemy while Tess, in order to survive, does her best to follow the trail of Knight Templar Conrad and the mysterious treasure he was protecting – the one everyone thought was a threat to all of Christianity...

The story is interesting and thought provoking at times and we get glimpses of events in the past interspersed with FBI Agent Reilly’s modern day investigation. There is betrayal, twists, action –everything you could want in a series and, as I wrote, the movie based on this bored me so much I gave up 40 minutes in.  The series is one you do not get bored with and the colour work of Claire Champion, Amelie Vidal and (vol. 6) Magali Paillat adds so much more to the scenes.

It is now a completed series and probably the best time to buy –again, you can order direct from Cinebook.  I’ll need to wait and see if I can get volume 2 at some point!

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