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Thursday, 12 April 2018

See The Death of a Cosmic Oddity at Edinburgh Comic Con

I do not publicise UK comic events.  However, I do support Independent comic creators and Richard Pester's Cosmic Oddity books (three of them) should get more support.  They should win a comics award at least as Eisner would be proud.  But I've only read comics from around the world sincxe I was 6 years old and only been reviewing them for 40 years so what do I know.

Check out all MyExcess books.  Now a message from Richard:

"Debuting at Edinburgh Comic Con this year is the third Cosmic Oddity book, a perfect jumping on point for anyone coming fresh to the saga of the life of Dave.... this special edition is only available at Edinburgh this year, prior to the proper release later this year....come find it at the chang31ings tables in the Lennox suite ... see you there"

My review of Dave: A Cosmic Oddity here (scroll past the action figs):

It took me an hour to find that link online because Blogger apparently has no  no such post!!

As for Edinburgh:

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  1. I like Dave Gordon's work. 'Straightforward', quality drawing. I will have to restart keeping tabs on what's going on in comics as I have not visited Central City in what seems like an eternity. Everywhere seems like another planet at the moment. One thing amiss, regarding Eisner, I called up internet images from his Sequential Art book and nowhere could find the chart revealing the diverse disciplines that go into creating comics pages. It may be valuable to put up what processing has to go on in the mind of creators in order to deliver up these 'simple to devour and easily digestible' pieces of literature. They are, actually, hard work to produce and ripping comics creators off is depriving people and any dependants of their hard earned livelihood. Vultures do as they are programmed to. The reason is in their nature.