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Friday, 20 April 2018

Oh Dear....

If you have followed CBO since it started back in the 1990s you will know that occasionally I have posted items promoting better awareness of mental health issues.  I've also helped by talking to comic creators who (secretly) suffer from depression.

It has never ever been a secret and it has been mentioned more than a few times on CBO that I am bipolar. Never affected my work. My family never realised when I was going through a period of this. Had to deal with it myself since the age of 11 -no meds or "sectioning" and no psychiatrists.

When the 'nice guys' of comics know that they cannot argue against something I have written and they start blowing blood vessels, suddenly we see "You know he's got mental problems?" and "Well, because of his mental health problems he says these things. Best to ignore him!"  Really, even in 2018 these 'nice guys' are continuing to use this one.

I don't even bother with them any more because if people are so stupid, so incredibly uninformed and willing to listen to and accept this bilge then why bother? It means nothing to me.  I don't care. Really there is only one thing I care about and that is comics and if these people are not willing to help try to revive or make it a better industry (that will never happen because these people are so ingrained in negativity because it gets them attention) then we need to ignore them.

My hopes were slightly -slightly- raised to hear that people and blogs were responding well to my post yesterday and some understood that the sarcasm it contained made a point.  However, I am fully aware that by next Monday what was written will be forgotten.

My own plans for 2017/2018 I am working on.

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