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Thursday, 12 April 2018

We Will See....NOW Is The Time To Show REAL Support

I let someone I know have free access to the CBO dashboard panel.  The idea was to see what someone else made of the current state of the blog -someone who does this kind of thing for a living.

He was not the first to note "Where are all the comments?" He actually asked whether I had deleted comments from posts and I pointed out that I had deleted five (5) comments that were offensive or inappropriate.

I moved to Blogger from WordPress in 2011.  8 years. 6,157 posts and total views of 3, 479, 796 total comments -1,000.

Of those 1,000 comments only 10 were from people commenting on posts.  The majority of the comments were in fact, as I knew, chat between myself and 4-5 people I know. Considering the number of posts, views and so on about 10 comments is poor beyond belief to some people -I never get surprised because I've been doing this too long.

And that is a point worth making. On the old Yahoo 360 CBO posts regularly received comments. On the Freeservers CBO there were lots of comments and the WordPress CBO got on average 3-4 and up to 20 comments a day.

Look at the comments regarding the Mega Posts this year. Views in the thousands and yet 5 comments -two correcting 1 typo out of 80,000 words in one case.

If you then look at how many blogs and websites re-post items (I exclude those who take full credit for my work because those people are thieves). I tend not to understand things like "spiders" but I am told that they push up views of CBO posts -which it seems Blogger does not register for a typical vague reason.  Those views I don't care about as I would have to go back to daily checking those figures and that bores me (and with dyscalculia numbers don't mean much to me). I was also told that readers from China have not stopped visiting CBO but their views are not counted -Blogger also seems to regularly change its location with .be and .nl as well as other country urls being used (which has always confused me!).

So if the actual number of people seeing CBO posts number 8-20,000 per day then viewing the posts elsewhere means the reader can't comment unless they visit this site. We'll stick to the 2-5,000 per day and then the question is: if these people read the posts why will they not comment or even (if they have Google accounts) "Google +" to show support and spread the word. That at least shows me people support and appreciate the work going into CBO over 2 decades.

I was told that I needed to set up a Patreon account to fund the continuation of CBO. I have always hated that concept.  However, I went through the process after a very long think last night and set up a Patreon account.  I then deleted it.  Remember the PayPal PayMe account I set up...two years ago to fund CBO?  It is still there and has raised....00.00 $/£ which I think shows the level of support out there.

It really does seem to be a "take everything you can for free" attitude out there amongst alleged 'comic fans'.

If this attitude has killed off Independent publishers it is certainly killing off comic blogs.  Pretty soon the only blogs out there will be from attention seekers attacking everything in comics to boost ratings (SJW or anti SJW) or the established comic company mouthpieces that will only tell you what companies want you to hear.

The question is, having seen and heard all of this, how long will CBO continue.  Twenty plus years and zero reactions/comments.

Let's see what happens.  The PayPal PayMe button has been put back up. Personally, I think that my the end of May this year the total is still going to be 00.00 but I said I would give it until then. I am at the age where dropping one thing that involves a lot of time frees up the time for other things I can enjoy.

We'll see.

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