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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

If You Prefer To Wear Blinkers When It Comes To Comics -Do NOT Read This

We really are seeing the end of comics.  From the very top of the 'industry' with Marvel editors seemingly allowed to insult fans and other creators while 'the boss' says it was all a "one off" -it still continues. But don't worry, 'the boss' is working to protect the integrity of comics.

We have the SJWs and anti-SJWs still lying and arguing while claiming to be trying to "safeguard the integrity of comics".

We have the alleged 'comic fans' (I know there are genuine fans but they tend to not speak up) who do what the comic comic tells them to thanks to them being dumb enough to believe the comics media who are in the pocket of the big companies like DC, Marvel, Image and Dark Horse (the latter two are not "Independents").

These are the same alleged media and comic fans/You Tubers and bloggers who are victimising one of the founders of modern comics -Stan Lee.  He is suffering sexual assault by his daughter, he is suffering elder abuse, his manager and others are beating him and he issues two video denials and is threatening to sue and what does this do? It brings out more vermin who point out that his video denials look stage or scripted -yes, he had a statement to issue to camera! Then the proven false allegations that he "sexually assaulted" nurses is brought up again -is he guilty? Is he senile? He cannot spell his name at a signing (?!), "Look how the ones behind him hover close to him!" FFS now Kevin fucking Smith is getting in on the act offering Lee a "safe home"!!

The man that revitalised and promoted comics into a pop culture medium is, at 95 quite literally being abused by alleged fans.  And he just cannot understand why this is being done. He should be allowed to spend what time he has left enjoying life. Instead, another new video Stan Lee The Truth, The Abuse And His Money.

Small publishers and Independent companies are going out of business every week because the corrupt comics media does not report on them.  There is nothing in it for them.  I hear stories all the time of hateful messages and vindictive rumours spread about Indie publishers and even their families. Not worth reporting on because they are not one of the Big Four. Perhaps people ought to be looking at these 'nice comic You Tubers' and what dark secrets they have?

Two artists have, in the last 48 hours given up.  One after 30 years. Quality work but no one buying and yet, lesser talent creators attack their work and the artists personally. After joining in the baiting of one creator who had a bit of a meltdown on Face Book, the persons responsible, including the publisher of a Small Press outfit in Canada (who I will not name because he is shit on the shoes of humanity) stated that the creator in question -giving his real name and pen name- had verious "allegations against him under investigation" therefore as a publisher he was withdrawing said creators comics (that he as publisher could NOT sell) and no longer supported the creator. "Investigation" and "unsavoury allegations"???  Well, "he has confirmed this himself"....which is an outright lie. What this little publisher of no significance did was take the fact that the creator in question noted a name he had been called once -without foundation and the remark was withdrawn- THAT was confirmation. In the UK this publisher could be sued outright but he played clever. All this because the creator in question did not back down and then blocked him.

I have put up with this since 1995 -all fully documented- by 'nice guys in comics'.  Daily -2-3 times a day. EVERY day. Then the legal notices went out.  My You Tube comic videos were anonymously reported and taken down -I know who was behind that and there will be a reckoning.

David Gordon also faced prolonged trolling, rumour mongering, name calling and much more -again from 'nice guys in comics'.  I still have the emails from those 'nice guys' telling me to drop David Gordon and his interview (the most viewed interview on WordPress and Blogger CBO -still getting views) or I would be boycotted. I pointed out that I was a blogger -a comics journalist as well as historian and that I did not take sides but reported and interviewed on whatever and who ever I wanted. So they blacklisted me. 2018...I am still here: where are they?

Comics are losing Independent creators by the score every month because of this and because it affects their families -including their children.  Where is the established Comics Media reporting on this? Oh, most are friends with the 'nice guys of publishing'.  A story about me appeared on a UK comics forum. Total lies and I knew who started the story so I confronted the 'comics journalist' who reported the story.  "Totally bogus. I don't even know that comic artist. Never met him!"  He went silent after I posted two photos from the old Bristol Comic Expo of the hotel bar where he was laughing and joking with said "never met before" comic guy.  Within 20 minutes the admin removed the photos and my response but left the allegations.

The comics media are falsifying UK comics history by making certain small times editors major figures in comics.  They created everything in comics it seems -in between carrying out brain surgery. I met and knew these people while they were feverishly creating the best comics in the world...over 2-3 hour pub lunches.  I saw what was going on behind closed doors.

But there has been no real industry as such for 30+ years so all the old fellas either dead or do not go near a computer -great: make up fake history.  And the comics media KNOWS this.

Creators are being deleted from Wikipedia and other comic wikies all the time because they are not in the right circles.

When Cinebook -the 9th Art set up in the UK I actively promoted it on CBO in reviews, news and interviews and anywhere else I could. Several of the comic 'nice guys' approached me at certain points at one Bristol Expo telling me I was looking for trouble promoting the company.  They were French.  It was undermining the British comics industry (well and truly dead by that point thanks to these exact same people). I was told the word could be put out and "You'll see CBO die a death".  2018 and almost 4 million views (excluding all other sources) and CBO is still here while they carry on thinking they are big stars trying to sell small press comics they publish because they helped destroy any comic industry the UK had.

This post in itself will get certain blood vessels bursting and teeth grinding. Do I care? No, why should I because these people are nothing.  They helped kill UK comics. If a publisher is not a crawler to them then they will drive them out of events (I will not go into my experiences here as they are very well documented on CBO) -event organisers scared of these 'nice guys' or their friends do as they are told. I was invited to one event but someone tipped me off that the invitation was to get me to a non-Bristol event and that there were 7 or 8 of these 'nice guys' who wanted to confront me (7 or 8 of them..there's bravery). I never went and so they guessed I was tipped off and one of their own number was accused and got the bad treatment.  Karma.

As I write, this goes on all the time -one old British comics Face Book page (same day as the two creators were harangued and then burnt their books)  faced arguing, name calling and much more until the admin stepped in -too late of course.

You have to remember that these people either work in a gang or under false names (and not realising that the day of internet anonymity vanished circa 2005) because they hide around the internet. These guttersnipes get very brave until confronted though I prefer reporting their ISP number or specific other info that is unique to them.  Facing the loss of the internet they move to someone else.

You want to just read and enjoy comics then do so. Ignore the fake comic media sites, the vloggers and comic forums and just buy and read comics. If you intend to get involved as a writer, artist or publisher then know what you will have to face.

To the genuine comic fans -keep reading and enjoying.  To the comic book chique/chic and hipsters who only follow what they think is hip and trendy and have no real interest in comics but it helps as they stroke their beards -go away.

Either something is done by true comic fans or the whole medium in the UK (and USA) is going to be dead very soon.  Fans need to take back events.

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