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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

More Smoke

Yesterday I witnessed on social media, two creators being harangued by alleged fellow creators (all of who were lesser artists).  I tried to discourage the negativity and support the creators involved. But this type of thing takes its toll.

I heard from one this morning that he had just burnt his original artwork and self published comics. He has given up after many years.  I have just read that the second creator has had a big fire to burn copies of his books (I HOPE not the original art!!).

This is going on daily -weekly. Producing a quality book means nothing if there are no real comic fans left to buy and support Independent creators.  I am too old and stubborn to give in (plus I expect no support from fake fans) and so I watch as publisher after publisher goes out of business and while good creators are forced out because they cannot make a basic living.

According to Comic France (I think that was the site name) Black Tower Comics and Books is Europe's biggest publisher of Independent B&W comics (I knew that).  Recommends BTCGs books. Will that get me sales? I doubt it since millions have seen my book posts not to mention all the social media outlets -Twitter, Face Book, Pinterest, Google+, Yahoo groups and other places and in 2017 I sold six (6) books -five to US buyers which meant US tax then hit me and I made nothing.

Support for CBO is zero it seems.  I post here when and if I want now. No more hours working on posts and news for people who do not care.

Will I quit?  No. I intend to be the last dinosaur -shouting to the very end.

No one will be listening of course because Millenials  support only their own egos.

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  1. This is what negativity does, it induces intellectual suicide. It is literally destruction of part of yourself, your brain. The same thing happened to me after leaving college. I destroyed a ton of work, which I HAVE REGRETTED DOING EVER SINCE. Just remember folks; if you destroy your work or go someplace even worse, who has won? You have handed those who have crapped on you victory on a silver platter. Never, ever let the bs win. They will never deserve their victory and you will never deserve the defeat.