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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Comment re ~In Frank Cho We Trust Wasp Comic Books

I did not want to post another video BUT...skip past the bad language to where the vlogger discusses the Cho cover. I will point out there IS bad language and I do not condone any insults aimed at anyone in the video. It is the Vlogger responsible for that so....

It did not surprise me that, instead of showing creative solidarity, the books writer basically shits on Frank Cho.

 This is something we have seen again and again from DC and Marvel writers who will be insulting to artists they work with. All the, uh, "great writing talents" (remember that these people do not consider themselves writers of comic scripts but phenomenal literary geniuses).  Bleeding Cool is writing crap to either please SJWs or for its own agenda (publicity).

 Editors and publishers have become brainless with no clue what they are supposed to do and it is smacking back in their faces.  Eventually, comic artists are going to get tired of this treating them like shit and it will backfire on the writers.  "You want me to draw whose scripts? The guy who called me a moron?  Get someone else"

 It will happen because there are too many writers with massive egos who think artists are beneath them (maybe the writers ought to learn to draw?).  There is nothing in this con sketch that we have not seen on mainstream comic covers or in comic pages over the decades.

This is the comic industry problem. Too many egos shouting insults at fans, at fellow creators and anyone else they want to.  Why is Marvel and DC suffering?  Guess.

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