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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A Point I Need To Make About Recent Posts

Firstly, I have never ever made it a secret that I hate Disney.  It treats its workers as though they were underpaid servants but the company also rapes other cultures to make a fast buck. Now that cgi has made it quicker and easier to produce features they turn out whatever dross they want.

How they treat creatives is another thing they need to be despised for.  Ask Don Rosa -or look up the subject:

Every company they take over, particularly comics, the work is no longer allowed to originate from anywhere other than the United States where Disney can get full control (Europe has very strict creators rights laws that Marvel and now Disney do not like. Every penny MUST be theirs.

Just do your research people.  "They put on a good show"/"They make great movies" but at what cost.

I am not saying do NOT watch anything Disney makes nor that you should never read anything Disney produces. If you don't care and it makes you happy go for it.  Your kids love the movies fair enough but at least try to add some animated classics into their viewing so they don't grow up thinking cgi is the only way.

That said, as with the last posting, I do understand that it is a business.  Businesses are there to make money and in this case entertain you in return for your money.  That is fair if you deal with a fair company.  So when I wrote that they will put Indiana Jones on the back-burner while pushing franchises that will guarantee making far more profit quickly I am not saying that is evil. Not giving a damn, yes, but it makes sense for them with their ethics to push for more cash quickly.

It does not matter which film studio it is, that get in there while the property is hot and make money is the business plan.

"Blacksploitation" movies.  1970s Star Wars rip off movies, musicals, horror -whatever genre or film makes big money studios will put their money into movies that can latch on to the craze while it lasts.

Jumping onto the SJW comics band wagon is a good example of when not to jump into a craze and follow it.

Business is business.  You make the product it costs and so you want to make a profit back (some of us more than others!).  With that last post I was pointing out why delaying Indiana Jones made commercial sense.

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