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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My 'Morning'

I will put this in simple terms.

After a bad night of pain and no sleep I get up.  Check to make sure I am still alive.


Switch on computer. Check both email accounts.  Nothing (daily). Check spam just in case....nothing.  Check Black Tower Face Book. Nothing (just lots of views). Family FB...rarely much.  Business FB...nothing.  Check CBO...99% of the time -nothing.  Check the online store: 100% of the time no sales.

That's it. I timed this over ten different mornings to make sure it was accurate and doing "all that" takes 1 minute.

No joke.

The rest of the day is seriously fighting to survive and legal paperwork ...that has now stopped as I can't afford to post things.

There you go.  That will make certain people out there and their cronies very happy.  But that is my life. No business. No money. Very hungry (this is not the kind of diet I was thinking off).

If you ever wondered...there you go.

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