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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Oh My..This HAS To Be THE Worst Cover Of A Comic....EVER

Forget the furore over what the artist put in the comic pages (he was a total idiot and if he destroyed his own career that is no one's fault but his own).  I do not even want to look at the interior pages. This abomination of a cover is so ugly...

You want evidence that Di$ney (Marvel) has no idea about comics or....sorry....just had to delete that cover image from my computer because it does not deserve to have that stored on it. But Marvel obviously decided to go cheap rather than use one of the very good, long time professionals it has dumped over the years (though I( doubt anyone at the company can remember any names).

Integrity.  Quality.  Professionalism.  That's what Marvel Comics stood for up until the 1990s and though this book will cost you £4.00 in the UK, and though THOUSANDS of copies were printed, the greedy scum we know as comic dealers are already asking over £100 for a copy. The comic was distributed. Thousands of copies are out there.  Destroy every copy but 2-3 and you might have a book worth a few dollars in 30 years time.

"One born every minute"

"Hip Hop" variant?

Shit variant.

Sorry but it IS feckin awful.

Apology. I really should NOT be aiming criticism at the artist. He/she obviously did the best they could but it is not up to what you expect to be a cover standard quality.  For that I apologise.  The real culprits here are the talentless morons who act as editors -AGAIN!  Dismissal or demotion to coffee boy should be the punishment.

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  1. That is (to say the least) not a good cover. It reminds me of a fanzine type cover from the 70's by some 14 year old. I’m not sure what a “hip -hop artist” is or means but I checked the guys work online and whilst it is not my cuppa tea, this is not a good representation of his obvious abilities – maybe it’s a bad reproduction.