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Saturday, 15 April 2017

It's Still Making Money Out Of Creators Who Get Nothing

When I saw the items in remainder bins it did not surprise me.  Di$ney-Marvel use old artwork because they do not have to pay the creators a cut.  "It was all work-for-hire".  Kirby's family got a nice settlement because they had a good propaganda machine going for them and that meant a nice payout.

Bob Layton, Sal Buscema, John Buscema -you name the artists- all helped make Marvel what it was but their work is seen as "work-for-hire" ("Draw this!"/artist draws it/Pay cheque and so long). Which means that it is free.  The multi billion dollar corporation gets every penny and do you think it gives a crap how the artists are doing financially?

To prove a point, in these online adverts, spot the "current hot talent" artwork..... (no idea who the fella is I think he's just selling)

Did you spot all the art by the new talent of the 2000s??

No?  What a surprise.  I'm betting about 60-70% of you have no idea who the artists are from these items.

I don't get mad about it. I get sad.  Some of the creators could really do with money right now because age and health ain't treating them kindly. Others like John Buscema, Gene Colan and Herb Trimpe are gone and....let's not get morbid.

Only the Kirby family came out of this well.

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