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Sunday, 16 April 2017

SJWs Are Just VERY Sad People

Seriously, they are.

Now I have been a vegetarian since 1983. I have a friend works in a butchers shop. Yesterday, a photo was posted on the butchers Face Book of said friend wearing bunny ears and announcing a special Easter deal.

Outraged vegan and friend left an "Unlike" and comment about whether it was appropriate. The butcher and my friend were good humoured -they have vegan/vegetarian friends.  But here we see the SJW as they are.

Leave an "Unlike" and a snide comment.  Run and not respond to the response itself. Why would vegans be trawling butchers Face Book and websites?  They had to look for this one in particular because of the odd name which means they were simply visiting (probably) a few butchers pages and leaving comments then running.

They do this on crafters, modellers, gamers, comics and even music sites.  What is worse is that they show themselves to be ass holes because the comments they make immediately make it clear that they have no idea about the subject in question.  SJW (Self Justified Warriors says it all) are basically internet trolls who are trying to avoid any comeback by calling themselves SJWs.

Funniest one I read a few weeks back, was some SJW tearing into a blogger for being "so overtly homophobic and a Christian right winger" and how he probably enjoyed hearing about gays being beaten or killed.  So what was it he wrote that so outraged the SJW?  The fact that he had written about reactions to his coming out as gay.  I think that says everything.

You see, at one point the trolls thought they were anonymous and untouchable if they used internet pseudonyms.  But there are laws.  There are ISP addresses. They can change their names or even open an 'anonymous' account but the ISP is still there.  It's trackable. So, now a lot call themselves SJWs and think that means you HAVE to be quiet and take what they dish out.  No, they are still trolls and trying to jump on to a bandwagon does not help.  They have tried it on CBO and...well, they haven't tried it again.

So if calling a gay man "Homophobic" doesnt show what SJWs are then trawling the internet looking for butchers shops "as a vegan" should do.

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