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Monday, 24 April 2017

Memories...What I Just Found!

Not artwork sadly.  But I found some old photos in a book that have not been scanned before.  If I knew how to use a computer I would probably tidy them up but....

1987-1989 I lived and worked in a two berth caravan (that's smaller than most mobile lavatories local authorities use these days!). To the right, that upright white box contained the copies of some of the Fleetway/Egmont, Marvel UK, etc., scripts. Large stack to the left...artwork
Yes, that is a cast iron typewriter.  How do you think we wrote before computers and word processors??
 Above: 1990. I had finally moved into a real room in the house.  Two phones and all. Work at this time had reached a peak -Marvel UK, Fleetway, Fantagraphics/Eros and so on.
Ahh, before Photoshop (which I do not use) and all this computer mallarky we had to actually physically cut and paste items onto pages for copying. This was definitely 1990 because that is a copy of Zine Zone International no.13 I am holding.

Work 20 hours a day and don't get much sleep trying to earn meagre amounts of money from companies that rake it in....let these photos from 1992/93 teach you a lesson.

 Above: I know the pages I was working on here.  And, yes, the publisher scrappede the project after the work was submitted and refused to pay the "kill fee".
Below: At this point I really was working -writing scripts and drawing as well as putting projects together.  This was definitely not a good time and I think it shows.
 Below: 1994. A very low point.  I was still working like a maniac, had piled on weight (you might have noticed?) was ill and....yes. Yes, that is a mullet hairstyle.  I DID say it was a low point, right!
By 2003 I had recovered.  My sanity returned and the ponytail flipping hawk (I'm not joking) had shown me how dumb the hair was.  I lost the weight. And I am NOT standing on the compost heap (though that might have been a warning -?) badly taken photo. I am behind the compost heap.

Looking at these reminded me how bad comics (as well as TV work and magazine article writing) can affect you.  If I gave up now then I endured all that for nothing!

Be warned kids

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