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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Tuesday 21 February 2023



by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art by Eduardo Garcia & Roberto Castro; cover by Eduardo Garcia.

- Foreword by J.-M. Lofficier
- Prologue by J.-M. Lofficier & Roberto Castro
- The Return of Kit Kappa by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Eduardo Garcia
- Assault on Atlantis by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Eduardo Garcia
- Epilogue by J.-M. Lofficier & Roberto Castro
7x10 square-bound trade paperback, 
102 p. 

In search of HOMICRON, RITA TOWER, JOANNI BOURASK and the ZORR-KO travel to Tibet where the mysterious COUNT SAINT-GERMAIN enlists their help to protect the hidden city of the Mohenjo Dar. Its sole defender is the formidable KIT KAPPA, but without the STRANGERS’ help, will he be able to repel the dreaded DOCTOR CYBERNAC, in his quest to seize the secrets of Atlantis which are being kept there?
Can SAINT-GERMAIN fulfill the mission entrusted to him by TANKA and safeguard the last component of the KERA WEAPON from the diabolical MALEFICUS and his master, the sinister KRUGE, almighty Lord of Twilight?
Ultimately, it is not in the PRESENT, but in the PAST, in ATLANTIS herself, that TANKA and his STRANGERS will have to thwart KRUGE and his scheme to rewrite the course of history...
The conclusion of the STRANGERS’ epic cosmic quest approaches in this frantic mix of martial arts and science fiction, full of action and twists through space and time, remarkably orchestrated by writer Jean-Marc Lofficier and artist Eduardo García.

Continuing Hexagon's Atlantis season (it's not over yet!) and the story is well paced and obviously part of a broader plan. The art I like. I have said before that there is something about these books that I find compelling to read and look at. I think I have said before that in a way I am reminded of Martin Lock's Harrier Comics but there are other things and I was reminded of the rush of UK Independent publishers of the late 1990s and early 2000 -Portent Comics being a great example.

There is also the fact that these are not rebooted after rebooted after rebooted (ad nauseum) characters but new and old ones that Lofficier obviously cares about and has developed without mutilating what the original characters were. And as he is also the main writer/scripter he has control over continuity (Marvel and DC editors may be confused by that word -look it up: c-o-n-t-i-n-u-i-t-y).

If you are new to comic book reading then try at least one Hexagon title before diving headlong into the current DC/Marvel mess and money-grab. If you have been reading comic books for a long time then try a Hexagon title and see what you think. It's almost like a breath of fresh air.

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