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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Marvel Has At Least Sorted Its Movie/TV Continuity. DC? BWAHAHAHAHA

Right. I've now watched Gotham, the TV series twice.  Why is it that the programme is so bad that as soon as Sean Pertwee appears it gets a "presence"?  Just small bits in the show but gems.

And, excuse me, there is nothing in Gotham that I have not seen in countless cop shows from the 1960s on.  There is nothing really new apart from quality of production these days.  NCIS in one episode kicks a dozen shades of crap out of Gotham.

Here's a fact for you.  Did you know that Bob Kane, creator of Batman, did not make up the name "Gotham"?   It is actually a village in Nottinghamshire and it is pronounced "Goat-ham".  See? Education.

Anyway as how, Marvel TV shows have a continuity with the movie universe.  Major errors -none.

DC, however....well, read this piece by Rob Bricken from the 109  back in November

Confirmed: Batman And Superman Are Off-Limits For Arrow And The Flash

Confirmed: Batman And Superman Are Off-Limits For Arrow And The Flash

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise, but The Flash and Arrow producer Andrew Kreisberg has confirmed that the Emerald Archer and the Scarlet Speedster won't be stopping by Gotham City or Metropolis anytime soon. 

Just like the Smallville TV series wasn't allowed to incorporate Batman or Wonder Woman, but had full access to the rest of the DC universe, it appears that the new DC TV universe created by showrunner Greg Berlanti shares the same restriction. Here's Kreisberg explaining the situation at a recent fan screening of the Arrow/Flash crossover:
"There are things we can do, and there are things we can't," said executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. "I'm a huge fan of Nightwing. But there are cities we can use, and then there's everything else. You won't be hearing Gotham or Metropolis on the show anytime soon."
Obviously Kreisberg only mentions the cities are off limits, but it makes zero sense to forbid the characters from visiting the iconic homes of Batman and Superman unless they're not allowed to hang out with Batman or Superman, period. I feel perfectly safe in making this assumption, although I will happily correct this if I'm wrong.

Not that any of WB's policy here makes sense. Batman and Superman are not allowed to guest star on any of DC's shows. WB/DC can make shows specifically about Batman and Superman, as long as they are set in a time when they are not actively wearing their costumes — e.g., Smallville and Gotham. However, Arrow is allowed to use Nightwing and his city of Bludhaven, because... I have no freaking clue.

What is the deal? Why won't WB/DC let Batman and Superman proper come to TV? Are Batman 1966 and The Adventures of Lois & Clark really going to be the greatest live-action television versions of DC's two greatest heroes? Are Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite behind this somehow?

This is something I have talked about before.  DC just does not seem to be able to understand continuity -look at their comics.  You had a Wonder Woman TV show, okay, it flopped but failure was so obvious from everything seen and heard before it was even in production.  However, you still had a TV Wonderc Woman.  TV Green Arrow.  A TV Flash.  There have been TV Supermen -Dean Kane would make a good, older Superman.  

Before that we had Smallville which, in later series established Aquaman, Green Arrow, the Justice Society, Darkseid and Apokalypse and eventually became a great TV show.

Now we have Arrow -who will not be the Arrow in one of the films being made (how many feckin versions do you need???).  In fact, none of the TV established characters will be in the movies and yet writers would have the established history and so on that millions will have watched and become familiar with world-wide.  No, dump that.

"Let's confuse the crap out of everyone!"

But establish a hit-miss-hit DC TV Universe that then cannot use Batman nor Superman??!

Bricken asks: "Are Batman 1966 and The Adventures of Lois & Clark really going to be the greatest live-action television versions of DC's two greatest heroes?"

The simple answer is, it seems, YES.

I know it doesn't make sense.

YOU know it doesn't make sense.

DC don't know what "sense" means.

Ridiculous and it ain't gonna get better people!

 Before you scream out "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??!!" let me explain.  Forget continuity. Every little angle or aspect of a book you can leach money out of a company for fills the bank account.  The $ is what matters here.  

Akham Asylum was mentioned in the 1990 Flash TV seres starring John Wesley Shipp.  Arkham has also featured in a video game.  Here is another of "Hooper's Snippets" that you may choose to ignore as always: Arkham TV series.  Just saying.

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