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Saturday, 13 December 2014



  1. Wow. That was fast. Glad you got it. I'm working on odds and ends here - I should have something to send you to make you smile soon. Sorry, I'm still a bit in and out of the world at the moment. I'll comment a bit more later. Isn't the treatment of the FF shameful ?

  2. Oh. Also love the new banner. Dr. Morg should be at the centre of it. Cool.

  3. Well, I'd have designed something special if I'd known the Google+ views were going to go over a million today.
    CBO posts have now had 2,750,931 views -great numbers, though it is just a number to me. 5 pence for each view and I'd be happy. Besides, THAT Morg cover creeps people out...hehehehe


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