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Monday, 12 March 2012

Casterman -American Dreams

American Dreams

Authors: Jean-François Charles , Charles Maryse , Gabriele Gamberini

Collection: High Density
Hard cover
Full colour
Pages: 232
Dimensions : 430.1×0.2×840 cm
Price: € 16.00
ISBN : 2203051450
EAN : 9782203051454
Release Date: 29/02/2012

Two big stories are the summary of American Dreams.

Jimmy recounts, with great empathy and humanity, the life of James Dean, or how a boy from the countryside of Indiana, and a passionate actor, became within a few years one of the international icons of Hollywood.  His rise was meteoric and, as we know, his life ended on a road in Salinas, California, in Autumn, 1955.

The other story of the collection, Red Bridge, takes place in Vermont in 1967, where five inexplicable violent deaths take place  in a short time.  The investigation is headed by FBI Agent Doug Willis in an almost Twin Peaks type atmosphere.
Red BridgeRed Bridge 2
Two contrasting and complementary facets of contemporary American legend, told by Maryse and Jean-Francois Charles and brilliantly put in pictures by Italian Gabriele Gamberini.

Initially, the artwork did not do much for me.  So, leaving this for a week I’ve returned to it and, to be honest, there isn’t really anything wrong with the art!  I think that, seeing so many pages of art in the shape of BD, Small Press and Independent comics you tend to get “art-blindness”!

I love the fact that the car on the front cover is glossy whilst everything else is plain matt. Nice touch. And, of course, every Jimmy Dean fan will want to grab a copy of this –if not the single volume Jimmy. The final three panels of the story just made me sigh and go “awww.”

The Red Bridge gets a little too complicated at times for what passes as my French! That said, I did find myself at points double checking because there are some great visuals her.

These collections really are superb in content and production quality –but what can you expect.  It’s French!

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