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Friday, 9 March 2012

Le Periple de Baldassare 2:Un Ciel sans Etoiles/Journey Of Baldassare 2: A Heaven Without Stars

Author Amin Maalouf & Joel Alessandra
Series: Journey Baldassare
Volume: 2
Dimensions: cm 200.2×0.3×410
Pages: 64
Release Date: 14/03/2012
ISBN: 2203040610
EAN: 9782203040618
Price: € 14.00

It is December 1665 and Genoese merchant Baldassare Embriaco, who deals in Oriental books and curiosities, lands at Smyrna with his lover, the beautiful Marta.

Marta, pregnant, discovers that her husband is not dead (I hate it when I have to jump in at volume 2 or 3!).  Meanwhile, Baldassare discovers that the previously thought lost book, The Hundredth Name, is in the hands of an English trader.

The year 1666 looms –a year many believe will bring the Apocalypse as announced by “the number of the Best” (1666).  In this rather scarey period Marta is forced to join her husband while Baldassare, deported to the North, soon finds himself headed for London to try to get his hands on The Hundredth Name!

As noted, I’ve not seen the first volume so no idea what I’ve missed but that’s reviewing for you!  I think I’ve got all the plot right but Joel Alessandra’s lovely water colour artwork (please tell me that it is water colour work and not a computer graphic!) is very distracting.  Some nice additional pages showing water coloured reference art on Smyrna, Genes and London.

This is Alessandra’s adaption of the novel by Maalouf.

I really, reall am being spoiled far too much with what I getto review!

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