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Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hexagon Comics
Story  Jean-Marc Lofficier
Script Jefferson Martin London
Art  Jean-Jacques Dzialowski
Story/script Jean-Marc Lofficier/T. Stillborn
Art Mike Ratera and Eduardo Alpuente
48 color pages
Perfect bound
9,50 Euro
Available –NOW

The Mountains of Karunda” The Prince of Hyperborea and the beautiful Lagrid are prisoners of the followers of the devil Sortakhi Kaifar so Zembla ambushes a group of the followers and infiltrates their stronghold.  Here he finds a slave mine and much more before ending up…face-to-face with KABUR!!!

The Voice of Sortakhi” Kabur and his group find themselves attacked by flying creatures and are captured and presented to Vanna –the voice of Sortakhi. If things were not bad enough when Kabur fights back he is transported and finds himself face-to-face with…ZEMBLA!

Nothing wrong with a bit of barbarian-jungle action fun. Or a cross-over!  Really like Dzialowski’s art. I will admit, though, that I’m not the greatest fan of the Kabur style art –all the bulging veins and sinew.  That said, this still makes a change and with Lofficier overseeing all the stories it looks like this will be a fun ride!

above: okay, I’ll admit it -this page looks cool.

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