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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Criminal Theft Is STILL Criminal Theft.

Have people in comics taken total fucking leave of their senses?  No names, no embarassment, but I got a press release today from a publisher which was headed:

“A self-published comic released last week is now amongst the most popular downloads on pirate sites such as Demonoid, ranking high in the “top torrents” list alongside the likes of The Walking Dead and Batman.”
Seriously. It’s a torrent and people download them in batches so it means absolutely nothing.  But there is another line:
“I would’ve loved those 1600 sales, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve decided to take it as a really positive thing..”
This creator/publisher has lost 1600 sales there is absolutely NOTHING positive about that!
But to send out a press release that tells people where they can look to illegally download and steal sales money from you is downright commercial and creative suicide.  If  you have a stall at a comic convention and I come along and pick up ten of your books and walk off with them then that is stealing.  If I reach into your cash tin and take £20 out that is stealing.
Let’s look at this in cold numbers shall we?  The comic in question will cost you £3.00.  So the math is simple: 1600 x £3.00 = £4,800
There is no positive side to having £4800 stolen from you.
You do not publicise the web sites who are stealing from you.  Its illegal -unless you put it on there for publicity which would be pretty fekkin dumb.

My advice to this publisher (ANY publisher) is contact the site owners -the details ARE there- and demand that, due to a violation of your copyright and creators rights you wish re-imbursement for lost sales or the user to delete any and all links to your book -or you will prosecute.

Last year I did this with over 30 illegal, stealing the living from me bunch of criminal websites and the links were down within a couple hours and I got an apology.

But do not ever ask me to issue a press release which publicises criminal activity such as that Megaupload took part in. Not EVER.

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