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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Casterman BD…INSANE!

Authors : The Michael Galli , Xavier Besse
Collection: Universe of authors
Hard Cover
Full colour
Dimensions: cm 210.2×0.3×410
Pages: 48
Price: € 13.95
ISBN: 2203040696
EAN: 9782203040694
Release Date: 28/03/2012

Louisiana, between the First and Second World Wars.  A stout young man named Clarence helps a young girl, Betty, escape from the psychiatric hospital.  The aim is, supposedly, to find Betty’s father, John Kettlebach, a convicted murderer just released from prison.
But what Betty does not know is that years before, when he was a child himself, Clarence was present at the murder of his own mother – and that the killer was none other than Kettelbach …

What are the real motivations of the young man? Revenge against his mother’s killer in the presence of the killer’s daughter?  Or, rather, to honour the man who inspired his own taste for murder; Clarence the disciple in murder?

This is, obviously, a book intended for mature readers.  The cover looks quite innocent until you notice that Clarence has a partially hidden walking stick, but even then it does not tell you what is waiting inside the book.

The art style is very nice and, as is usual in these books, the subtle use of colour to set moods/scenes is a master-class.  The story has been written and paced well so that even I knew what was going on…until those final pages!  Grizzly murders and some great settings but I have so many questions!!!!


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