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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

On Titles Selling Out...ooh, are the creators getting more money?

Every day or so I get the latest Image Comics press release(s). Why I don't bother with them is a long story but in one week -three times- a PR came in about a comic and two hours later a "correction" followed. Sloppy.

What I'm finding really lame is the fact that nearly every single Image title has "sold out and gone for a second printing." 

Am I supposed to be so dumb as to believe that?Is anyone that dumb that they believe that??

Image is a small company and creators don't get rich -Paul Grist stated at a Bristol International Comic Expo that he's making about as much as when he published himself but Image get to do all the boring editorial/preparation work.

This "selling out" is a ploy to get comickers to think "Wow! If it sells out I better get a copy!" to which you might also add "It could be worth a lot in a few years!" Image is either using this ploy or simply going for very small print runs.  Otherwise they would be rolling in cash from excessive sales and paying creators far more. In the last month it's what -six "sell out" titles going for a second printing?

Ah, guess what? I've just gotten a PR that another Image Comic title has sold out and is going for a second printing.

They need to get a new publicist.

It's that old addage of "Once...okay.  Twice...coincidence.  Three times...give me a break! It's insulting.

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