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Monday, 12 March 2012

Tales From The Kryptonian -The ‘Improbability’ Of German Super Heroes!

Over at the Tales From The Kryptonian blog (at last -new postings!) Subzero notes yesterday’s (it was yesterday?) article on CBO about the ‘improbability’ of a British super hero.  The same attitude still applies in Germany where Subzero and his brother published a German super hero comic -Power Freaks.  Once I find my copy I’ll post a cover, etc., because it appears to have no internet presence!!!!!

Of course, IPP&P did produce a super hero comic -after Power Freaks- titled Dorn Der Mergenstern (Thorn The Morning Star) which was a follow up to the best selling Helden series which got an English translation (I think).

Naturally, my own German super heroes -D-Gruppe- were created in the 1970s and first saw print in…1985/86 in Previews Comic (where quite a few British big names got their first step-up the comic pro ladder)

A great change seeing how similar attitudes are outside the UK. Pop over there and have a read!

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