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Thursday, 1 March 2012

The CBO Comic Strip Presents….THE RETURN OF BLUE SAVIOUR!!!!

Things have been getting far too heavy and comics are meant to be fun!


Back in the 1980s, while selling Small Press comics at the Bath marts, there was always one treat we all waited for..the latest Blue Saviour issue from David A. Johnson!

The series got such a big fan base and stole the hearts (and minds) of two budding young creators -Ben R. Dilworth and the Doyenne of Knowle West Art Lord Paul Ashley Brown.  The result was a not-quite-3D comic -Blue Saviour In Death Disco!

Yep, even I had a go at the character, teaming him up with David’s other character Madame Mystery…or…Enigma!!

I’d love to see Blue Saviour’s line of black or white justice back but I just cannot find David Johnson anywhere -rumour has it that he did something for Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s anniversary but that’s it.  David -if you are out there get in touch!

But for now, to relive those memories, Paul Ashley Brown stuns us with a Blue Saviour colour cover to Ben R. Dilworth’s….


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