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Saturday, 10 March 2012

KSTR: Sidi Bouzid Kids -The Story Of The 2011 Tunisian Revolt

Authors: Eric Borg , Alex Talamba
Collection: KSTR
Full colour
Dimensions: cm 780.1×0.2×920
Pages: 128
Price: € 16.00
Release Date: 14/03/2012
ISBN: 2203051558
EAN: 9782203051553

“Everybody talks about you, and not only Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia throughout! You freed the hearts, and speech. Youth is finally moving. It’s beautiful … ” So says Fouad to his friend Mohamed,  dying, silent and unrecognizable on a hospital bed, wrapped in bandages, a few days after setting himself on fire one day in December 2010. Mohammed died shortly after, but his terrible gesture, indeed, has finally released the inner spirit of the Tunisian people, stifled for so long. The insurgency begins and fear, for the first time, will switch sides …

Do not be fooled into thinking that is a super hero on the cover!  This is not a fantasy book but one based on reality.  This book chronicles the Tunisian revolt of a few months ago.  The art is nice and clean with, as you would expect, wonderfully coloured.  You do not need to read Borg’s story because the sequential art is all too clear.

This is powerful and ******* grim. If you thought the Tunisian Revolt was “a bit of rioting” think again.

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