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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Comic Events, Signings and Small Press Events Speak Up Or **** Off!


Best go somewhere else then.

Yes, those medications are finally working as I become as one with my fellow humans…this’ll never work.


Better? Good.

I was just talking to Mr. Paul Ashley “How Soon Is Now” Brown about people accusing me of not promoting events I had never heard of.  I then checked my email to find another such email.

Look, I run/edit Comic Bits Online while running a publishing business along with Mr Me, Mr Myself and not forgetting Mr. I.  I’d writing, reviewing and putting books together from 0900 to 0100 hrs some times.  That’s on top of drawing chores (and lettering). Oh, I also take out the odd minute or two to…what is it they call it? Uh..oh, eat,  drink and say silly things.

I do not sit in front of a computer screen 24/7 looking for upcoming Small Press or Comic events.  When someone says on Face Book they are enjoying a certain event I ask “What event?” the reply is usually “Oh, haven’t you heard about this? We all got invites and news up-dates from last November.”

These people are on my FB page. They know who I am and what CBO is –I’ve promoted enough of them on it!- but can they draw the super-human strength, the near impossible energy it takes to write “Have you heard about the London Super Con?” (or any event).  No.

These people visit CBO daily or twice a week depending on work.  So do thousands of other people who create comics or buy/collect them.  I would sooner 3-4 people email me about the same event so that it can be mentioned than not hear a word…until after.

And shouldn’t convention/event organisers be chasing up outlets for publicising their events? Apparently no.

I am soooo tempted to mention a certain organiser who sent me an email after his event.  “Itz a pity you couldn’t find time to mention our event. If youd asked I would’ve sent info. Coulda don with more support.”  My response was two-fold:

1) Well, it’s a pity that you couldn’t find the time to learned to spell or how to use spell-checker.

2)  You write to me the week after your event?  If you knew of CBO then you should have contacted me in advance to publicise your event –I do not charge!  I am not that hard to find via the internet.  Type in Terry Hooper or even “Comicbitsonline” and there you go.

I also added that I do not take any responsibility for events that are not well attended. It seems a few of my online friends knew of the event but didn’t bother mentioning it. If you write emails like the above to me then you are lucky not to receive a very rude response.  Certainly if you do and I meet you at a convention I am guaranteed to slap you hard on the back of the head.

The number of Alternative/Small Press and comic fayres, expos and so on are increasing by the year.  No matter how small or how large the event I have always made it very clear that I will publicise the event.  On the Categories roll there is even one that reads “Events” so people can check every so often.

So, let me know about your event –conventions or even signings.  If you know of such events tell the organiser(s) to get in touch with me.  Photos of signings or events I have always said are very welcome.

Don’t sit on your fat ass complaining I’m not supporting your event or one you know of.


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