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Monday, 12 March 2012

Casterman: Sales Mioches!/Dirty Brats!

Authors: Olivier Berlion, Corbeyran, Olivier Berlion, Corbeyran
Collection: Universe
Series: High Density
Volume: 1
Full colour
ISBN : 2203051434
EAN : 9782203051430
Dimensions : 430.1×0.2×840 cm
Price: € 16.0
Release Date: 29/02/2012

Dirty brats! Portrayed with affection and accuracy the adventures of a small band of children and adolescents in Lyon at the turn of the 50s and 60s. These urchins face not just the problem of every day living but also the actions and attention of the more adult criminal element!  Smart, resourceful, sometimes just plain all-out little rascals, the four main characters of the series – Mig, Nino, Fred and Kettle – are flanked by a fifth robber, an older original member nicknamed “The Elegant” . The four Dirty Brats go about fixing up an old barge, L’Atalante, hoping one day to go see the sea !

This brings to mind those classic kids adventure films of that period. This volume brings together the first four books of the series: “Carlito’s Way”, “Beard Island”, “The Sting”  and “Slippery (?) Slope.”

The detail is superb and the water-colour style technique used works well and does capture that whole kids adventure book feel.  From street scenes, dockside, room interiors and even the cat wearing a wheeled-walker this is a joy. The street scenes are so full of detail I doubt you could do better with a photograph! Oh, and the opening dog-walking pages made even me smile.

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