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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Frustrating Moan For A Sunday (Ranting Sunday Sermons Were Cancelled Weeks Ago!)

You know, all things being perfect I think I’d be quite happy to write, draw, edit and/or publish super hero comics.  No, no joking.  Good simple fun and action with the intention of being nothing more than enjoyable entertainment.

At the moment, apart from the Prose books, Some Things Strange & Sinister, Some More Things Strange & Sinister, Pursuing The Strange & Weird, The Red Paper (wildlife) and, of course, the bulky Hooper Interviews,  Black Tower Comics & Books has published much, much more. Illustrated Haiku, text and illo books –Western Yokai and Japanese Yokai  plus The Phantom Detective. We’ve published sci fi and horror such as Tales of Terror, Descent and Dene Vernon:The Thing Below.

There is adventure as with Dervish Ropey:The Totem.  More edgy comics such as The Dr Morg Trilogy.  The surreal such as It’s GoBo! and Autopsia.  Dark and gritty stuff such as Dark Night Detectives (a much larger, new, volume coming shortly).  And there have also been mystery thrillers such as the two Chung Ling Soo books –The Jade Dragon and The Mystery Of The Thames Serpent.
Adventure, being the flagship title, mixes a little super heroic, action, adventure, horor and humour.

There are over 60 BTCG titles with several more on their way for March and April.

I’d love to see David Johnson return and produce more Blue Saviour (or give permission for us to do so).

Black Tower Comics & Books is the UKs largest comic publisher so you might think it would get some support from UK blogs?  In 2011 I gave up sending review copies to UK bloggers for the simple reason that all the copies I had sent out up to that year not a single book had been reviewed.  Nope, not even by those requesting free “review” copies.  The best we’ve gotten is a mention on Down The Tubes.

However, outside the UK, yes, we get reviews from bloggers and comic fans who are really into Black Tower Comics!  Most sales are outside the UK.

By July there should be some 70 books available.

So you can imagine I’d like to just get a good photocopier and start publishing super hero comic zines!  That said, why give up when my sales are better than D. C. Thomsons?

Moan over. Back to work on the next book!

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