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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Comic Book Guys, Jack Kirby, Comic Documentaries and Jonathan Ross on Alan Moore

Oddly, I was reminded today that I once told Mensa (the club for brainy egotistical people who think they are better than anyone else) to go play with itself.

Why do I mention this?  Simple -it explains why my big skull is so big that my full head of hair makes me look like I’m going bald.  Seriously, if not for the massive brain my skull encases I’d be covered in so much hair I’d look like Chewbacca!

I’ve been watching Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men and to be honest it does appear to be staged at times and I am hoping -hoping- that the abuse Ming Chen gets on the show is staged.  If it isn’t then I’d suggest he go to an employment tribunal or lawyer and sue the pants off the store.  As the butt of so many humiliating remarks and jokes this is not a great ad for Smith’s store. I found this all very negative.

Then there was an excellent documentary on Jack “The King” Kirby.  You don’t think he was the King of Comics then I’m not interested in your opinion. Study and learn. It’s a five parter and a true piece of class film-making.  Wannabe comickers learn:

There are not, oddly, that many comic book documentaries on You Tube appart from Once Upon A Time The Super Heroes and Unmasked Comic Book Super Heroes.  And documentaries on British comics…yeah, right.  Apart from Jonathan Ross blabbering on that Alan Moore gets no respect or the paper coverage he deserves -really?  Alan Moore is ***** everywhere in magazines, online and on You Tube.  Maybe someone ought to explain this to Ross?

Well, have no fear. Hooper is setting things up so that there is at least some type of British comic book documentary -if only on You Tube!

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