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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hexagon Comics -STRANGERS #1

STRANGERS #1 (vol.2)
Hexagon/Wanga Comics
Writer Jean-Marc Lofficier
Artist  Alfredo Macall
Colourist   Anthony Dugenest
Full colour
3,99 E
February, 2012

Can you think of a better place to jump on than the first issue of the re-launch? If you read the reviews of the Hexagon books and interview with head honcho Jean Marc Lofficier you’ll know what this is all about.  If you did not read that posting then here it is with all the review links:

It is nice to see the Strangers again –the last time was the Image Comics 6 issue series –remember?
Launched at the International Comics Festival Angouleme 2012, the series promises to be bi-monthly and certainly the quality of the first issue puts Atlas Comics’ efforts so far into the shade I cannot see them!  All the characters will be here from Homicron, Jaydee, Starlock and so forth.

STRANGERS II # 1: “The Vile Menagerie”  begins at top speed when Tanka must save Phoenix from the clutches of Baron Von Bolch and gorillas of the hidden City of Anthar and this one guest stars  ZEMBLA!

With my very much under pressure French (that I’m learning through reading so much BD!) this seems to be well written and the pacing is good –I mean, look at that first page: straight in your face action!  And the art is wonderful.  The figures, architecture –why the hell is no one publishing this in English? (that’ll be engraved on my headstone I’m sure).  The colouring –spot on. It goes to show just where companies like Atlas are going wrong.

It may be in French but because those damned Franco-Belgians know how to present sequential art there is no trouble following things here. This is a great start to a new series and I can’t wait to see more!

Below a sketch page -cool, huh?

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