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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Casterman: Singeries/Antics

Authors: Denis Petit , Humphrey Vidal
Collection: Universe of authors
Dimensions : 40.2×0.3×250 cm
Pages: 136
ISBN : 2203032928
EAN : 9782203032927
Price: € 20.00
Release Date: 14/03/2012

Haunted by books and words, a man desperately tries to commit suicide … to literature!   But the overdose he takes does not cause his death, but causes its mutation—  he is suddenly transformed into a kind of mutant monkey. A “homo litteratus” whose horizon and philosophical look at life have changed dramatically. It is now Franky Stein, iconoclastic, provocative and loved by the media. Popularity is certainly exhilarating for the monkey-man. However, his lucidity and public speaking  upset all the established powers, starting with the combined powers of capital, science and religion!

A delightful philosophical fable, full of irony as well as more than a little violence and few deaths!

The art style is very pleasing and Vidal’s use of colours might seem a bit unusual to some but it really works in this book –now if Terry Gilliam is looking for a new film project this one is recommended.

And might I add that I want that cover on a T-shirt!

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